Audio levels on XDS

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Audio levels on XDS

Post by MikeCouchman »

Hope I am posting this in the right spot!

We're receiving a satellite feed through an XDS-PRO1R. Local audio, like the legal I.D. are fired via GPIO and played from the XDS. When these local audio files are fired, the XDS ducks the audio of the satellite feed. We don't want that. (The source just feeds silence during these moments, so there's no need to lower the volume).

I have poked through every setting I can find and there's nowhere that ducking can be turned on or off, or adjusted, etc. We have quadruple checked that the GPIO commands themselves aren't calling for ducking.

I must be missing something though. Just not sure what. I'm new to the XDS world. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Re: Audio levels on XDS

Post by grich »

In none of my installs have I seen an XDS receiver duck audio. Likely, the audio switcher that's part of your automation is ducking the satellite audio.
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