Getting through a PR&E BMX III 26 console

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Getting through a PR&E BMX III 26 console

Post by kdssmustang » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:33 pm

Ok, I've registered and found this window to post this challenge to all engineers on line here!
SITUATION: Our small market station in Ely NV recently purchased a PR&E BMX III 26 console. There are NO engineers within 300 miles. Our licensed one is in and out of town.

RESOLUTION: Find way to bring online all modules on board and prep for station upgrade to larger board and automation system.

CURRENT STATUS: I have been given the task of the BMX III 26 console, finally got a manual from moretronixs. Have all 15 input modules responding and all 4 xlr mic online.

DILEMMA: There are no wiring diagrams covering actual monitoring installment. Not sure where to tap in for cue monitor and which tie in to ensure mute when mic is hot to prevent feedback.

Man I need help getting through this!! If any one can remember installing these units into stations and can send me a wiring diagram or has time to walk me through this part, it would sure help keeping the fire department from coming by my shop every other day to extinguish my smoking brain!

Thanks for taking the time to glance through this post

Mustang Steve

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Re: Getting through a PR&E BMX III 26 console

Post by bill981 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:05 pm

I have a BMX3 manual as PDF. On page 13 there is the connector panel layout. It looks like the monitor outputs are toward the left hand side of the connector panel, along with the HP outputs. Monitor output left is Pin 1/Shield Pin 2/Low Pin 3/High. Right is 4,5 6 same order. Mic module monitor muting assignment is controlled with S207, a 8-position DIP. To assign input A to the Control Room, turn S207-4 ON. Input B is S207-8 ON. If you are using the modules with mics in a separate room, then -1 assigns the A input of the module to Studio 1. -2 to Studio 2 and -3 to External. -5 is input B to Studio 1, -6 to Studio 2 and -7 to External.

PM me if you want the manual I have. It seems to cover installation. Sounds like yours does not.

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Re: Getting through a PR&E BMX III 26 console

Post by JJMcCartney » Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:55 am


I too just acquired a BMX III console, and am looking for the manual on PDF so that I can begin wiring my test-bed and begin clean8ng and repairing any visible or electronic damage.

Eventually will recondition and deploy in broadcast studio.

Any help find8ng the manual on PDF would be most appreciated.
I am not sure how to use the private message feature here on this forum using my iPad...but ny help would be most appreciated.
JJ McCartney

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