about Purchasing VIZRT systems

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about Purchasing VIZRT systems

Post by karii83 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:35 pm

Dear Gents,
i was in the previous years working with system integrator and was partener with BrainStorm for On Air graphics. now i moved to another country and another System integrator which the client all the previous projects and new going to VIZRT.
my question as below :
* are we have to purchasing the HW for Z8,4 from Vizrt as they mentioned for us in the quotation that we have to do that.
* the Tenders Specifications doesn't mentioned for items and details for the Z8. in the Vizrt qoutation they also provide as example 96GB ram and alot of highest specification for that workstation and informed us that is Vizrt roles.
*the client doesn't mentioned for Training, Services and support in the tender put in the other side Vizrt pushing that their quotation not valid if we removed any of these items?

i appreciate support from experienced people who working with Vizrt to told us about that.

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