AM Station Engineers: A Request From DXers

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AM Station Engineers: A Request From DXers

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Many of you know me already.. I'm the Creator/Admin of the "I Take Pictures OF Transmitter Sites" facebook group. I'm also an air personality with an interest in the tech side of the business and I'm also a DXer. I have a kind request of all you AM station engineers out there as we move into what many consider the AM DXing season this fall and winter.

If you're going to be taking your station off air after dark or operating at greatly reduce facilities for at least a couple hours, could you let me know.. somehow, if possible? Having stations off air or with greatly reduced power may open up the window for some to hear something new on a channel that may not otherwise check because its occupied.

I ask for notice, even as short as an an hour because then we can get word out to some facebook groups and email lists.

I can be reached in a number of ways. Facebook messenger is one but if you're not my facebook friend, I could potentially miss the message. I can be reached by phone (call or text) or by email. If you're interested in my contact info and i'm not aware of who you are or where you work, send me an email to with your call letters. A private message here may not work, I often forget to check the board

Yes, DXing is a bit of an old school hobby and I realize often times you don't always know when you'll be going off or that it rarely happens.. but I'm trying to help fellow DX'ers and leverage all we can here.

thanks for understanding.
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