0 Card - Optimod 8100A/XT2 combo?

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0 Card - Optimod 8100A/XT2 combo?

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My on air 8100A has bad input adjustment. So I pulled a #3 card from my backup. My backup 8100A has a 0 card! Can I use that with the 8100A XT2 combo without modifications. What will this card will do. Is it worth messing with.

If it is worth it, is any documentation available to change the jumper or so forth on a 8100A/XT2 combo.

Thank you.
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Re: 0 Card - Optimod 8100A/XT2 combo?

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ftp://ftp.orban.com/ for 8100 a manual, memory is it has info on the XT as well

The point of the zero card was to provide better filtering above 15 KHZ., and achieve more loudness.
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