Part 15 non-profit looking for help

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Part 15 non-profit looking for help

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I am presently working with a non profit 501c3 who helps people with disabilities learn a skill and return to work.
they have asked me to help them build part 15 and internet radio station to train people how to be Engineers and DJ's. they have asked me to run the broadcasting class. the 501c3 can supply a tax receipt for tax write off purposes. the name of the non profit is the summit center in wheat ridge Colorado within the metro Denver area. this is their website explaining who they are http://www.jeffersoncentermentalhealth. ... mitCenter/ they are needing everything and are starting from completely from scratch. they need RF Chain, Air Processing Chain, Studio Equipment, studio desk, racks, monitoring equipment, program sources, satellite gear. we need to simulate a real full broadcast station but at part 15 levels. Any contacts or help you can give would be greatly appreciated by me and the non profit. my phone is 720-338-3020 lv. msg. and i will call back and the Summit Center is 303-432-5800 ask for pat or shirley.

Thank You,

Robert P. Chrysafis
Part 15 Engineer
Lakewood, Co
Please direct all questions and concerns about this operation to Robert via his phone number above, instead of here on this forum.
Thank You.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Broadcast Engineer/Tower Photographer
Boston area.,

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