BOSS Top 40 Style Jock Vocal Compression & EQ Settings

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BOSS Top 40 Style Jock Vocal Compression & EQ Settings

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Forgive me if this subject has been beatin' like a dead horse.

Using a DBX 266 with compression and gate on our jock's voice mic. Using an EV RE-320 in to a Presonus TubePre to add warmth, then in to an older Aphex Aural Exciter & Big Bottom... then finally in to the DBX 266 before it goes in to the board. Considering we do kinda' loud, fast talking, hi-energy, jock vocals with music ALWAYS underneath... can I get some starting points for the compression settings.

Currently running 4:1 ration which I think is where we need to be.

a) Help me with attack and release settings.
b) And also, the only EQ I got on this mic is on the board's channel which is a Low / Mid / Hi 3 band scenario on the Yamaha board. Any suggestions with the EQ? Want a nice, crisp, punchy vocal with clean, intelligible vocals.
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Re: BOSS Top 40 Style Jock Vocal Compression & EQ Settings

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You want the compression to sound 'natural', not 'pumpy'. It's kinda hard to explain, but you'll know it when you hear it. As for the EQ, I tend to do only a little to remove the coloration of the mic in the room. More than a couple of dB and you're doing too much.
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