Audiovault Flex / TRE / Shoutcast Question

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Audiovault Flex / TRE / Shoutcast Question

Post by TheCrustyChicken »

Greetings guys,

Thought I would throw this up there and see if anyone has a solution for my issue. So we bought the new Audio Vault Flex system from BE and installed it last year. At the time of purchase of FLEX, we also purchased two copies of TRE. Now that we have gotten square with BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, and Sound Exchange, we finally get to have our stream back on the internet... I'm trying to get the information from AV or TRE in the format of.....

Song - Artist


Which seems to be the format for the encoders for our shoutcast server provider. Well come to find out our TRE license is just for RDS and not for Streaming output. If I want that option it's another $600 bucks... LOL.... CRAZY

So now to the question.. I was told that this information could be obtained directly from the FLEX machine without TRE... Anybody know how this is done. They wouldn't tell me how, just that it could be done. Alternatively TRE does output an XML file that contains this information. Anyone have any code examples of how they are utilizing this XML file? My encoders can get the song title and artist from a webpage if I can get the XML data to display on a page in the format I need it. Guess it's time to start learning how to pharse XML...

I just feel like I bought a Mazaratti, paid the guy, but the tires weren't included....

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... (besides changing automation systems....) I like FLEX and AV2!!!

I have attached a copy of my XML output from TRE...
TRE XML sample
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Re: Audiovault Flex / TRE / Shoutcast Question

Post by bill981 »

I assume the AV is talking to TRE via IP, as am I. I also talk to the Triton streamer via RS-232. Here's the line in the [AVAir] section of audiovau.ini:

It'll spit out the data on both ports.

Here's what formats it:

RemoteEventViewFormat="CutID={NAME} Type={CATEGORY} ArtistName={ARTIST} SongTitle={TITLE} Duration={DURATION}"
RemoteDeckViewFormat="CutID={NAME} Type={CATEGORY} ArtistName={ARTIST} SongTitle={TITLE} Duration={DURATION}"

Hope this helps. Also, if it is a newer installation, the BE tech support should still be in effect. Give them a call. They've probably already done it.

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Re: Audiovault Flex / TRE / Shoutcast Question

Post by dbuckley »

Advice: if the money is available, and you get what you want for it, then spend the $600.

I do stuff for a community radio station, so there is no money, but I am (well, was once!) a (sometimes) bored programmer, so I built something, and, of course, used the tools conveniently to hand, so I ended up using a jackhammer to crack a peanut. I like my solution, it does exactly what I want, and it now works rock solid reliably, but if my time had to be paid for, it would have taken more programming hours than $600 would finance. And we still don't have a dynamically updating web site, but that's mostly a political problem :)

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Re: Audiovault Flex / TRE / Shoutcast Question

Post by PA_TUNE »

I feed both my TRE and streaming encoders (in my case, securenet systems) without the TRE streaming metatdata option. It's possible to open two TCP ports on the AVAIR machine... one for TRE and one for your streaming encoder.

My audiovau.ini entries from the [AVAIR] sections for metadata are as follows:

RemoteEventViewFormat="CutID=%n Type=%c ArtistName=%C SongTitle=%d Duration=%D"
RemoteDeckViewFormat="CutID=%{%n}E Type=%{%c}E ArtistName=%{%C}E SongTitle=%{%d}E Duration=%{%D}E"
IDD_CurrentEvent=TCP:+CurrentEvent:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+CurrentEvent:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_EVENTVIEW_3=TCP:+NextEvent:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+NextEvent:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview1=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview2=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview3=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview4=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview5=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview6=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview7=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;
IDD_Preview8=TCP:+Preview:;TCP:-\n\r; TCP1:+Preview:;TCP1:-\n\r;



Hope this helps.

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