Array Solutions Aim 4300

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Joe Friday
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Array Solutions Aim 4300

Post by Joe Friday » Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:25 pm

Sorry if this is off topic for this forum. I was just wondering if there were any users of this antenna analyzer out there. I saw a friend sweep an antenna system with one, and quickly identified a problem with an ancient iso-coupler. At the price point, it looks like good value. The software mentions TDR functions as well. Just looking for some other opinions if there are any others that have tried this equipment.


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Deep Thought
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Re: Array Solutions Aim 4300

Post by Deep Thought » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:08 am

This is basically the same as the much more expensive PowerAIM-120 except that it is unable to operate with any sort of RF energy coming back toward it from a tower or antenna. If you will be using it for bench-tests, powered-down sites, etc., it is an excellent unit. If you are going to need to measure an antenna which lives with others on a tower or in a tower farm, or if you will be using it to measure AM towers and associated equipment while connected to said tower, you'll need the PowerAIM.

They all run the same software, which picks out the supported features and enables them with whatever unit you have.

The TDR function has come in very handy on my PowerAIM. It has found the bad spots on buried sample and transmission lines with enough accuracy that the fault was located on the first dig
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