Possessed Barix 500 Reboots Itself

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Re: Possessed Barix 500 Reboots Itself

Post by Deep Thought » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:52 pm

Raulcaro wrote:
Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:56 pm
One thought regarding changing out the power supply on the Barix 500. If in fact that is the issue due to lets say a toasty summer day would a faulty or damaged supply explain that it reboots at the same time everyday?
What happens is the capacitors inside the power supply dry out (or leak out the electrolyte) under high temps. That permanently damages and significantly lowers the uF value and if the cap is on the output side of the supply regulator it'll cause the voltage to read "ok" on a meter with no load but the ability of it to supply anything near the rated current without the voltage dropping is seriously compromised. What could be happening is as Chuck said the line voltage is dropping a bit around the same time each day which is causing the power supply to glitch, which then causes the Barix CPU to reset. I've seen this exact behavior with Ethernet routers and switches, and IP camera supplies.
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Re: Possessed Barix 500 Reboots Itself

Post by MichaBlum » Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:02 am

You can disable to automatic announcement of the IP : on teh network page you have SONIC IP - just put it to OFF

No - it's not a problem at all, you have a many options to discover the IP, but teh best is the Barix Discovery Tool
http://www.barix.com/downloads/download ... are-tools/
(you have to register first to download)
this app (needs Java) sends a broadcast packet and all the barix devices answered their IP. so even if you are not in the same IP segment/Subnet - teh unit will be discovered.

Regarding the reboot, some reasons could make it happens, one of them i think is your case, is a network change: if the router changes the IP, or LAN changed, or IP colision, the units could reboots.
AMHO try to put a fix IP on the device (no DHCP), and see if that helps

for support, there is a great support forum (where Barix support answers as well) @ yahoo-try there https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/group ... eamer/info
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