EO IPA question

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Joe Friday
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EO IPA question

Post by Joe Friday » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:47 pm

A quick question...does anyone know what kind of rigid coax the output transformer is made from on an EO 300W IPA? The circuit designation is T2 I believe. The one I have uses the MFR151G FET. The center conductor appears to be intermittently open in the one I have on the bench currently. The IPA is drawing about 15A of current, and is making about 15W out. In circuit, the center conductor measured open. Now that I have wrestled it off the circuit board, the center conductor is showing continuity again.



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Re: EO IPA question

Post by REW » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:39 pm

I have two schematics in my ECO book. One is a 300 watt amp and it does not tell what number the FET is but it refers to a MRF151 on another page. Date on schematic is 1995. No info is given on T2. Another schematic shows a 300 watt amp with a similar schematic using a BLF278 FET. On this schematic it shows T2 as 25 ohm line that is 7.6 inches long. Same for T3. T2 comes off one drain and T3 from the other drain. Sorry but no other info given. I will be glad to scan and email schematics to you if you need them.


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