ECO-4, Tuning Information

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ECO-4, Tuning Information

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Located the metal strip with holes in it... however I dont see the ones labeled for our exact frequency (That's a little joke)
Also found this little sticker, I wonder if it was set to the previously, or at the factory. (This was not the freq we were on.)
We checked the electrical bills for this site. Bills were consistently in the $800 range every month, for the past 4 years. 2 a/c units, tower lights, 1 tx, and a rack with STL rec sec.

Background: The TX appears to have been incorrectly adjusted, and may have only been 35% effective.
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Re: ECO-4, Tuning Information

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Was the station on the air before your company bought it? Did the seller own other stations? I wonder if they might have had a newer transmitter there--and just dropped this thing in once they got a deal. Stranger things have happened.

If I have time I'll find my ECO-4 book and see what it says about the strap...if they go into any tuning details or just have a note on the factory data sheet on where it should be.
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