SBE alert to TV ENG users in 2GHZ

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SBE alert to TV ENG users in 2GHZ

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Important note from Chris Imlay from of the SBE.
For those SBE members whose work involves television ENG, you need to read this, right now. There are ongoing, fast-moving negotiations among SBE, NAB, the Department of Defense, and NTIA that will likely have a profound effect on broadcasters' use of the 2 GHz BAS band in the very near future. None of the following information will be a surprise to regular readers of the SBE Signal, but recent negotiations necessitate this update. The bottom line is that it is quite possible that broadcasters will, within the next year or so, have new sharing partners in the entirety of the 2025-2110 MHz band in the form of United States government terrestrial and aeronautical mobile facilities which will during that time have been displaced from the 1755-1780 MHz band (so that band can be auctioned for mobile broadband purposes).
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