FCC announces incentive auction results (Repack!)

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FCC announces incentive auction results (Repack!)

Post by NECRAT »

The repack results are in!!

So much VHF!

You can use the handy guide from RabbitEars.info

And look at the results from the FCC as well.

https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-announ ... -auction-0
(View Appendixes)

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Re: FCC announces incentive auction results (Repack!)

Post by TPT »

What happens to the low power TV's? Two in my market--ch. 22 and 47.

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Re: FCC announces incentive auction results (Repack!)

Post by w9wi »

If they're licensed as LPTVs they aren't protected. If they would interfere with any full-power or Class A station, they must move to new channels or go dark. In many markets, new channels may not be available. If they *wouldn't* interfere and they're below channel 37, they can stay put.

If they're licensed as Class A stations, they are guaranteed new channels. (unless they chose to sell their channels in the auction)
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