PC to TieLine/Comrex

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PC to TieLine/Comrex

Post by CNBGR » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:00 am

Though no longer full-time in radio, I still call games for a group where I used to work. On rare occasion (during tournaments - doubleheaders where 1st game at one site and 2nd game at another site would be ideal), there are more games/remotes than equipment to do them. Since TieLine and Comrex units are EBU Tech 3326 compliant, there must be a way to connect via IP (SIP, etc) from a laptop rather than a dedicated device (Comrex/Tieline, etc.) The problems occurs so rarely that it's not worth investing in another field unit, but does limit what games can be covered (and the revenue they could generate). We have a laptop/mixer kit that we use for streaming only games during the season, so that part isn't an issue. It's just about getting the audio encoded and back to the station rack codec.
Has anyone tried this? Had any success?

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Re: PC to TieLine/Comrex

Post by REW » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:46 pm

I dont know what Comrex or Tieline equipment you have. We are using the Comrex Access units. I have an App on my phone called LINPHONE. It is a free app and Comrex had the setup instructions on one of the ACCESS web pages. Linphone wants you to create a SIP account with them but it is not needed. It does require you to do a little programming on the studio unit and open up a few ports in your router. We use the Access unit and a Air Card to do ballgames and sometimes we may have an issue with the Air Card such as weak signal or just low bandwidth. My phone is on another carrier so I use it and Linphone as a backup. I have only used it twice in about two years but it has worked good and you sure cant beat the price, FREE.

Robert Williams

If you are interested in this I have the instructions from Comrex and can E-mail them to you if you dont find them on the Comrex site.

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Re: PC to TieLine/Comrex

Post by wb9fhr » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:59 pm

Luci Live Lite for Windows. $25.? Also available for Mac. Works great with Comrex. Setup instructions on Comrex site.
Add a headset/mic. Feed mix/minus back to laptop via Luci return.

When on Laptop it allows control of the automation via a remote desktop application. Complete remote kit on a laptop.

Just assembled system for a client. 2 more in the works.

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