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Post by radio_guru » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:34 am

To the Braintrust,

Have a client who employs a good VoIP Asterisk/FreePBX system and Polycom phones who wants to add listen lines for their stations OTA and outbound network feeds. They have standard telco TDM-PRI type service and converts to SIP in-house. So the quality of the service is not degraded like most VoIP services and they'd simply use a DID number for each coupler.

I am looking for a SIP device to perform the simple listen line function of auto coupling, auto-answer and auto-hang-up. Ideally, G.7222 audio quality would be the target, but is not specifically needed. They have the ability to use standard POTS autocouplers on the leading switch, but that switch and the TDM-PRI combo has limited life left on it.

Or, a device which can answer multiple DID calls and then DTMF select any one of say 8 or more sources past the default source.

Suggestions without the need to create a streaming server? That's way too much....



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