Digital console, remote operation

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Digital console, remote operation

Post by dbuckley »

Our little one-studio station currently operates fine using a Soundcraft analogue radio desk, but, we're looking to change our way of operation. Basically, we'd like to be able to have remote studios, effectively in people's homes. These homes will be connected using no more than a VPN over the internet.

I'd like no more audio than possible to traverse the Internet, so the playout computers would stay in the studio as they are, and there would be a mixing engine in the rack, and have control consoles in people's homes, so at a button press, John's console is now the console controlling the mix engine. The only remote audio is the presenter's mic and the headphone feed audio over the VPN with something like briclinks.

Is this something that can be done with the off-the-shelf digital radio consoles? Does anyone actually do something like this where the console is on the end of a low bandwidth internet connection, rather than the station LAN?
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Re: Digital console, remote operation

Post by Lee_Wheeler »

Most of the present crop of IP consoles have means to run the console from a GUI. With Wheatstone you can use the Screen Builder software to layout a full control console on a laptop and run it via VPN from a remote location. The software is fairly graphical but I don't think it takes a ton of bandwidth. I think that most of the other manufacturers have similar functionality. A decent 5 mb/s internet link can run the console, a remote desktop for automation, and a bi-directional audio feed. There is a slight delay in both the graphics and the audio Codecs but not so much that you can't pull off a show.

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