How to calculate the delay base on the function of angle?

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How to calculate the delay base on the function of angle?

Post by nateduong » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:38 pm

How to calculate the delay base on the function of angle?

Hi everyone, I am a new student who is studying on collecting data from TV signal. I hope everyone can help me for ideas.
I am having spectrum analyzer which can define a TV station around me, so I chose 4 stations WHUT-TV [584MHz 590MHz], WPXN-TV [590MHz 596MHz], WTTG [60 MHz 608MHz], and WNVC [530MHz 536MHz].

Since I define those stations and can be easily to know location of those base on the FCC database (latitude , longitude, height, wavelength, channel, radius range, distance between stations, distance between my location and each station … ), then I can calculate the angle between TX antenna from the stations and RX antenna from my location (using equation: angle = arctan(height of TX – height of RX)/ distance of 2 antenna) I am not sure this is a right or wrong equation?

At my location, I also collected data such as: spectrum, and the delay for 10 seconds each time scan in by turning circle the antenna (0, 30, 60, …, 300, 330), using Matlab to plot it out to see the behavior of the signals.

Since I had that information which I needed, I am trying to calculate the time delay but I do not how? And how to determine different angle between 2 different transmitters? And if I do not know the direction, how I can estimate different angle between 2 antennas?
I hope everyone can help me to understand more details.

I also have some plots that I collected data and calculated spectrum and delay from Matlab.

If you still confuse my question, please let me know, I am happy to explain.

Thank you very much.

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