UHD bitrate for satellite channels

More channels means more money for the techs, right?
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UHD bitrate for satellite channels

Post by Janez »

Hi all.

Does anybody have a UHD sat receiver and can tell me what is actual measured bitrate for UHD channels on satellite? A few random (preferably sports) examples would be ok.

Are all UHD channels in h265 or is somebody doing in h264?
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Re: UHD bitrate for satellite channels

Post by coremans »

Mostly UHD goes in H.265 (HEVC)
I see UHD to consumer going as low as 12Mbit per channel. But mostly these are in a mux where eg 3channels share 40Mbit, encoding is VBR then.
In contribution, bitrates are at least 40Mbit (up to 93Mbit) but that is mostly for high end live sports with Dolby audio and HDR.
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