What is out there?

More channels means more money for the techs, right?
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What is out there?

Post by ingeborgdot » Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:37 pm

We have a school channel our local cable company has provided for us. I am a new media teacher and want to utilize this channel to advertise the best product that our town puts out. OUR STUDENTS. Right now on channel 12 what we do is put up some pictures(slides) with a software program called MediaPlay. If we want to play video we just add it and then we schedule it to play at certain times and this does seem to work. Our software is outdated as it works only with XP as far as I know and it is rather costly to update. Does anyone know of something that would be a good fit for what we would like to do? I would like to show our student video projects, new broadcasts, classroom pictures of activies going on along with some of the slides of Mission statements our schools need to advertise and any other ideas we come up with along the way. If this makes sense, and you have some ideas, would you please help me out with some suggestions to make this work. Thanks.

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Re: What is out there?

Post by PID_Stop » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:05 am

If you're looking purely for software that can display a mix of computer-generated graphics and video files, you might take a look at ProPresenter. It's most often used by churches to generate graphics for lyrics and sermon notes, but it lets you incorporate video clips easily. With the right options, you can even incorporate live video into the feed and use the software to insert graphics over it. It's fairly straightforward to run, and sounds like it could be a good match for what you're trying to do.

-- Jeff

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