Rx8200 can't find services

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Rx8200 can't find services

Post by medsan » Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:25 am

i have an Ericsson system which work with ASI system using many receivers one of them can't decode the service although it lock with the ASI and other receivers in the system are work normally , the web page of this receiver gives string values for time
Time 2001:1-1
Uptime 00:05:26
thank you for any help

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Re: Rx8200 can't find services

Post by NECRAT » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:36 pm

So let me see if I can understand you clearer.

You are using an RX 8200 with an output set to ASI. All but one of your receivers connected to the ASI output decode.

Or your receiver will lock on an ASI stream, but not decode it?

Remember these receivers are HEAVILY license based. Check on the service parameters (video type, flavor, etc.) and make sure the license is "enabled".

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