Tandberg (Ericsson) RX8200 IRD - No Service List?

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Tandberg (Ericsson) RX8200 IRD - No Service List?

Post by GFTX » Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:28 am

Hi all.

I have a Tandberg (Ericsson) RX8200 IRD which has been working fine for many years. I set up for a downlink job a few days ago, but had to power down to re-arrange shore power. Now the IRD will not populate the Service list, hence unable to select the service (Mux or SCPC).

Firmware 4.3.2. Bank 0.
Ird is currently at home on my domestic "Sky" dish (28.2E) and my Laptop for software control.
Satellite Input RX Lock on MUX at 10714X, 22.0MSym, DVBS.
Amber LED condition.
Decode tab says "NO SELECTION". On the Decode Advanced tab I have "Service Hunt" selected and SI Mode as "DVB".
Even entering a VPID fails to resolve the issue (eg 2353, for Film4).
I have also tried Bank 1 (right button held down during boot up), but no change.

I have MIB.zip and tcf files from another identical IRD. I have imported the tcf file into this IRD and reset to receive this MUX, but no resolution. Not sure what I can do with the files in the MIB.zip folder, other that compare them in Notepad?

After exhausting the logical options in the menus, I suspect it is not Decoding the SDT info in the TS? I have compared settings with my other working IRD, but all looks similar?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Thank You.

Glyn Ford.

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