Troubles in SFN network

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Troubles in SFN network

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Dear experts, we have problem with SFN network, in DVB-T broadcasting.

We would like to ask you, how to measurement SFN network, when we have two different suppliers on the same frequency.
Now, we have two different modulators, and synchronization is not satisfied. SFN network is not synchronized. SFN does not working.
We would like to recognize, which supplier is cause interference in to the network.
We tested various transmit signals with different delay 60, 120, 200, 400us, problem is the same.
We attach a spectrum analyzer image, before starting the first and second transmitters.
Thx, for any tips and tricks.

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Re: Troubles in SFN network

Post by DaveSt »

DVB-T is a lot less robust than DVB-T2 in this situation. Getting the modulation to be identical with different modulators will be a challenge. I would say you have two priorities. 1. You need to be able to remote control/monitor the transmitters so that you can see any alarms such as loss of synchronisation, 2. You need to get them all properly synchronised to GPS or another precision clock source.

Getting any sort of SFN working correctly is not easy. I wish you luck.

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