HD Radio is standard equipment on all Volvos.

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HD Radio is standard equipment on all Volvos.

Post by K9EZ »

http://www.volvocars.com/us/salesandser ... Radio.aspx

"Volvo Cars of North America (VCNA) today announced it is the first automaker to offer HD Radio technology as a standard feature across its entire product line. "By becoming the first in the industry to offer HD Radio Technology across our entire product line, Volvo is showing our loyal customers that we’re dedicated to innovation and providing them the most pleasurable driving experience at affordable costs," said Doug Speck, President/CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. "With our 2010 and 2011 models, Volvo drivers can expect the best in audio quality, more music and news/talk through multicast channels, and advanced data services with scrolling text that shows artist name and title, and much more. This is a huge benefit to all Volvo owners and we’re sure they’ll be pleased."

"HD Radio Technology is making enormous inroads in the automotive market and Volvo is leading the industry," stated Jeff Jury, COO, iBiquity Digital Corporation. "More stations are going digital each day, increasing the programming options for everyone with HD Radio receivers. Volvo drivers are now able to hear new local channels, with formats spanning unsigned acts and Indie Rock to Smooth Jazz and Classical. We’re certain that other automakers will follow Volvo’s lead in adding this technology as standard."

The 2010 Volvo model line-up is currently available at dealerships, which include the S40 T5, V50 T5, C30, C70, S80, V70, XC60, XC70, and XC90 models."

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Re: HD Radio is standard equipment on all Volvos.

Post by KPJL FM »

But then, nobody but a couple of NPR listeners buy Volvos.
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Re: HD Radio is standard equipment on all Volvos.

Post by eadler »

KPJL FM wrote:But then, nobody but a couple of NPR listeners buy Volvos.
The problem being?

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Re: HD Radio is standard equipment on all Volvos.

Post by Chris from Milwaukee »

It's nice to see that the automakers are starting to get on board with HD radio. If HD is going to be a success, it needs to be standard equipment in all cars, in my humble opinion.

And, BTW, Volvo's are good cars. If I could afford one I'd buy it.
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Re: HD Radio is standard equipment on all Volvos.

Post by Deep Thought »

iBiquity will never do what is necessary to make that happen. The satrad folks subsidized the crap out of a similar effort and now find themselves with little to show for it. The one huge difference is that Sirius and XM had an expectation of future revenue each time a one year "free" subscriptions converted to a paying customer. Broadcasters have no such repayment scheme, and the product is just not compelling enough to get the automakers to do it themselves. I still want to know whose pocket those royalty payments are going into. They certainly aren't doing the radio stations any good.
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