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Best Exporter

Post by bradgoehl »

Howdy Folks, Who's exporter do you like the best? I have had good luck with the HDE-200, not so much with BE and Continental verity's.

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Re: Best Exporter

Post by BroadcastDoc »

I've used Nautel's NE-IBOC and the newer Exporter, as well as BE's box. They all use the same iBiquity software, so it's a matter of looking at hardware differences. The new Exporters all use Linux SSD's so they should be exceptionally reliable - the older ones used mechanical HD's so they were prone to crashing. The NE-IBOC's that I had were the original version and I actually had them running (mechanical HD and all) for 7+ years!

The importers are an entirely different story though... ;-)
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