HD Blending

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HD Blending

Post by NECRAT »

A local full power commercial FM is running HD, and I believe has had a setting change in the HD "system" somewhere, and I believe that it is not allowing the radio to blend back to analog. When the station's HD signal cuts out, the radio will stay in digital mode, versus going back to Analog.
No other HD FM in the market does this. They are using Nautel gear for the HD encoding.

Here is the bigger issue. I mentioned to my friend who is the engineer at the FM, and doesn't believe this is a setting that can be changed, but would forward to the cluster's DOE if it does exist somewhere. So does it?

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Re: HD Blending

Post by BroadcastDoc »

I believe that the mode that they're running in would dictate that. If the exporter is set to a non-hybrid mode, the HD radio would lock into a "digital-only" mode that would not roll back to analog.

You should be able to look at the HD manuals at the Nautel site. There very well may be a switch in there somewhere - I do know that there is a flag you can set to prevent the radio from rolling to analog for times that you wouldn't want the added delay from encoding (like for live sports).

I would say for certain that something isn't right, that's for sure!
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Re: HD Blending

Post by PA_TUNE »

On Nautel Exporters, this setting is under the "Diversity Delay" menu. It should be set to "Always Blend".

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