How Do Our Statistics Look... In Your Opinion?

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How Do Our Statistics Look... In Your Opinion?

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I have a station with a funk & soul format, replete with idents, loud jocks and even DJ drops from the likes of The Family Stone and Isley Brothers. I started my station from scratch, and is about 14 months old. We currently average 32,000 - 36,000 unique listeners on any rolling previous 30 days. Over the last 30 days we had 3,237,348 listener minutes, and 53,955 Total Listening Hours.

Giving that our station is 14 months old... do these numbers sound about right? Fairly low? Fairly high? -- Heck I don't know. I know I see stations with 2000 & 3000 listeners online at any given time... those seem like massive stations!! But then I see a crapload of stations that seem to average 5-30 listeners. When I look at our listeners that are online at any given time, we're usually hovering between 160 - 250. We have lots of interactivity with almost 6000 twitter followers and 3000 facebook likes.

Where do these types of numbers put our station? Just trying to get a feel for our "relative" popularity.

Also, at what point are you considered large enough to attract advertisers?
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Re: How Do Our Statistics Look... In Your Opinion?

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I would say that's pretty good, definitely in the Top 5% of global online radio stations, from the records that I have seen anyway. I think both Shoutcast and Xiph (Icecast), both show you the total number of listeners.

From an advertising POV, you need to be looking at around 1 million listeners per month, to be taken seriously :/
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