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Mobile Webcasting Setup

Post by schooter » Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:45 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm in process of building a mobile webcasting system for a off road racing series. I've done one event so far on a very low budget and got some good feedback. My first setup was very simple. Webcams connected USB to separate laptops running wirecast each with their own MIFI. I used youtube as the CDN streaming each feed on it's own stream (that's what I had been requested to do). Now the organizers want a more legitimate broadcast with one seamless stream. The features I would like to include are:

ability to handle large number of inputs (30+)
graphic overlays
instant replay (slow motion would be an awesome bonus)
Prerecorded content (advertisements)
live scoreboard
picture in picture

So I'm convinced so far that I'm going to be best off investing in and setting up a large outdoor wifi network and configuring each camera as an IP feed. I'm considering the terdeck cube and then using remotely controllable IP cameras otherwise. The biggest uncertainty I have at this point is what streaming software to use. I had great luck with wirecast, however it seems to lack instant replay without purchasing the pipeline hardware and creating a scoreboard for a race event with many vehicles seems to be difficult. If anyone has a better suggestion for a streaming software package please let me know. Any other advice would also be greatly appreciated. I am very novice at this. I work as a design engineer in the transportation industry so this is a bit out of my background.


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Re: Mobile Webcasting Setup

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