SoundExchange Solution?

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SoundExchange Solution?

Post by rockintheairwaves »

Hi all,

Running into a bit of a problem here...

I run an Icecast server that several friends' radio stations (both Internet-only and terrestrial) stream through. Originally had this Icecast server for other uses internally, and added them on as a "why not" and to get some trade, etc.

Setting up the encoders was fairly easily, installed "butt" on a Windows 7 PC, pointed it at the Icecast, set up some players on the web, TuneIn, etc. All works great for several years this way.

Couple of months back, they get a nasty phone call from SoundExchange complaining that they aren't paying for something they should be. Ok, fine.

Anyway, several people at the station, along with myself, have spent the last two months off-and-on trying to figure this out. We were first directed to talk to, who talked to us for a while and then said they can't help terrestrial commercial stations. They recommended we talk to, who I have yet to be able to get in touch with (all they have is a contact form, and they've not returned any of my requests.)

I looked over the SoundExchange site, and it seemed rather confusing. One of my guys called them, and they seemed to be of no help.

I guess what we're looking for is a place to point our stream encoder, send the MP3 feed, and then that place be able to handle all the SoundExchange mess (or at least give us the right reports and info on how to submit, who to, etc.) So far, no real luck on that. I thought was going to be that solution, but evidently they don't work with radio stations.

That said, it's escalated to the point where apparently advertisers and listeners are starting to complain daily about the extended unavailability of the stream. To the point that the stream will most likely return, sans whatever SoundExchange wanted, within the next few days if a solution is not found.

Any of you here deal with this, and know who/what company we need to be talking to? Either there's something simple that I/we're missing, or it just doesn't exist. Not sure. And I honestly can't blame the guy if he just turns the streams back on at this point, because it IS getting a bit ridiculous.

Wanted to throw this out here and see -- some of you are more familiar with it than I am, I'm sure. I'm a Linux/networking/VoIP guy, I'll setup your Icecast boxen all day long and get your audio to it, but beyond that it's out of my league. :(

Thanks in advance.
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Re: SoundExchange Solution?

Post by BroadcastDoc »

There are several providers that will give you various levels of support for that...


Just a few that will handle the backend. Essentially what you need for reporting is a form showing what songs played and how many listeners were online when the song played.
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Re: SoundExchange Solution?

Post by Deep Thought »

"sans whatever SoundExchange wanted"

The problem with that is SoundExchange wants $ for each copyrighted recording played. Unless the programming is original to the station and/or public domain, there isn't a way to "sans" it.
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Re: SoundExchange Solution?

Post by TPT »

We use Securenet to stream three commercial FM's. Securenet provides the data that Soundexchange wants --as long as the number of listeners/ song are below some magic number we pay a flat fee of $600 per year.

Non-broadcast streams are only viable if you are based in some country without an extradition treaty.
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