SamCast and NextGen communicating MetaData

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SamCast and NextGen communicating MetaData

Post by kc8gpd » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:14 am

I'm in the beginning process of engineering an internet station (basically rebuilding from scratch) for a client and they have RCS NextGen for the automation on one PC (has serial port) and SamCast for streaming on a second PC (no serial port) both on the same network.

i am having difficulty getting the two to talk to each other to send metadata in the stream.

anyone have experience here?

i am thinking it needs some sort of script file on samcast for TCP (Scripted) to grab the metadata from nextgen. they have nextgen 2.13 (i think) running on xp and samcast running on win10.

i have asked this question in several venues and no one seems to have come up with an answer. i'm hoping one of the many experts here might have already dealt with this scenario and have a solution available. i'd like step by step instructions if possible. i have figured out the basics in the nextgen and samcast menus so i know my way around the interfaces i just can't get the metadata to work.

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Nathaniel Steele
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Re: SamCast and NextGen communicating MetaData

Post by Nathaniel Steele » Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:23 pm

NexGen can write a file (TXT orXML) which can be overwritten or appended each time the metadata changes. I assume samcast can be set to read that file, but have not worked with it. we use securenetsystems DCS, and it reads the xml file from NexGen via a shared folder.

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