WE-Create Stream Generation Server

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Nathaniel Steele
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WE-Create Stream Generation Server

Post by Nathaniel Steele » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:22 pm

Found this rackmount PC being used as a shelf in the rackroom. I've been with this company 6 months now and am beginning to tackle the mess in the back......anyway, it looked relatively clean, and had an M-audio delta card in it and boots off a compact flash, and one of those embedded processor mini ITX motherboards. Booted it up and its running Debian linux and says WE-Create stream generation server, then goes to boot and console.

Anybody know anything about theese boxes? I've never heard of WE-Create inc, and we don't use this machine, even as a shelf anymore! just interested in a history lesson I guess.....

I can always find something else to do with the hardware :D


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