A tip for spammers....

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A tip for spammers....

Post by NECRAT »

Here is a little quality tip from Mr. NECRAT, your friendly board head moderator....

If you put this in your spam post
1) Dear Readers, do not put any replies here. Software PS will not check any replies here on the forum.
It tells me that A), you are just a bot, and B) you are using the forum for spamming.

So with that, I can personally guarantee you a fast lane exit right out the ban door. Just like "Steve32" found himself.

This has been a friendly tip from your friendly mod.

Have a friendly day.

-- Mike.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Broadcast Engineer/Tower Photographer
Boston area.
https://www.necrat.us, https://www.scan-ne.net/

"If you don’t think you’re good, nobody else will" - Tom Laun (RIP)."
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Re: A tip for spammers....

Post by Shane »

You should put the letters V.B. after your name...Virtual Bouncer.

But you don't seem like the kind of guy who likes a lot of alphabet soup after your name!

Thanks for all you do here.
Mike Shane, CBRE
— — Omaha — —
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