Flexiva heat problem

FM does it with frequency!
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Flexiva heat problem

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Exactly opposite of what you are thinking. Presently--in my market of some 22 stations--I am the only local engineer. So this morning get a call that one of the FM's I now take care is off air.

3kw Gates Air Flexiva--16 RU amplifier with outboard exciter. Comes up to full power, stays there for about a minute or so, then dumps. No reflected power issues, error codes not terribly helpful. Site has three stations in a smallish block building--an old Collins 831 for a Class B on site, and another Gates Air 3 --but a new, 4 RU model, for the other station. About 32 degrees when I got there, around 45 degrees inside (most of the heat from the Collins is vented outside).

Then the GM gets in touch--didn't we have problems with that transmitter when it gets cold? Aha. Got the wall mounted units switched from "cool' to "heat" (after all--just last Thursday it was 70 degrees here), after a few minutes the transmitter stabilized.

Gates Air: Keeps you cold in the winter, hot in the summer.

Anyone ever figured out why this model is so susceptible to the cold?
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Re: Flexiva heat problem


Maybe the temperature sensor is wired "backwards". :shock:

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