Well, I didn't see this coming...

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Deep Thought
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Well, I didn't see this coming...

Post by Deep Thought »

On Saturday afternoon October 16, 2021 while sitting reading emails I suffered a stoke which took out my right side vision on both eyes. I made it to the hospital in time for them to give me industrial-strength blood thinners and kept me in intensive care for 24 hours to make sure I didn't bleed out. I was treated early enough to prevent it from getting worse but the damage to my vision was the first indication of what was going on.

This has almost certainly permanently sidelined me and made it impossible for me to work. My reading ability is badly compromised but slowly improving while my ability to type is as bad as it always was. I can't drive so no more field work, and right now I'm in the middle of a waiting game to see what if any of my lost vision returns. It's a long shot but right now it's the only shot.

I am lucky enough to have a good local support structure with my (retired) brother in law living a block away so the short-term situation is mostly under control.

Posting this here for those who didn't know yet and might try to contact me. For now the office is closed and I apologize to anyone who this leaves at loose ends.

- Mark

ps: Don't wait to do the things you want to do in life. I'm a perfect example of what kind of things can happen while you are waiting.
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Jim Sofonia
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Re: Well, I didn't see this coming...

Post by Jim Sofonia »

From my hospital bed to yours, my best. With a very bad left leg I recently fell and broke my right leg. You are right about doing things in life while you still can. You've helped me in the past, best gift you can give. Thank you. Jim.
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Re: Well, I didn't see this coming...

Post by DaveSt »

Best wishes from me to the both of you. I have always enjoyed reading your posts here.
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Re: Well, I didn't see this coming...


None of us saw it coming!

My best wishes Mark, for a good outcome/recovery from the stroke. Thanks for all the great support you have provided over the years.
Also, best wishes to Jim for a speedy recovery.

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Dale H. Cook
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Re: Well, I didn't see this coming...

Post by Dale H. Cook »

My best wishes to you , Mark. I was fortunate that the stroke I had a couple of years ago was relatively minor, causing only vertigo from head movements, which has improved to the point where it seldom bothers me.
Dale H. Cook, Contract Engineer, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA
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