Omnibus ITX

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Omnibus ITX

Post by Kelly » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:44 am

Where I'm located in the DC area, we recently completed installation and go-live of a new three-stream Omnibus ITX system. Having been burned in the past by the old Omnibus Colombus system, I'm quite thrilled how well this has gone. Probably one of the easiest automation roll-outs I've ever done (and trust me, I've managed a bunch). Omnibus has been great to work with. Excellent project management who was on site from day one to a week after go-live. They played very nice with the traffic system code folks in writing the BXF interface to ITX.

The great thing for me is the ITX system uses garden variety HP servers and AjA video cards. No goofy clone boxes and the play-to-air servers cache all the programming for however long since the logs arrive, which means even if the data network goes down, you're still playing to air. (Yes we verified that too) No SIDON servers or traffic cops which can take you off the air if the network lunches or one of the other boxes in the chain fail.

I don't usually endorse products like this, but just between us folks, if you're in the market for multi-channel, or even stand alone automation, I suggest giving ITX a look.
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Re: Omnibus ITX

Post by PID_Stop » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:03 pm

So you aren't in the market for a used SIDON? We might be willing to make you a deal on ours... but then, you've already bought it once. :lol:

-- Jeff

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