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Welcome RadioDiscussions.com Members

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I'd like to welcome visitors joining us from the former RadioInfo/RadioDiscussion forums!

Our site was founded in 2007 shortly after the ownership change at RadioInfo.com. Many of the moderators here are original moderators from that forum. We are proud to be partners with RadioInsight.com, founded by one of the original partners of Radio-Info.

You'll find plenty going on here. We welcome discussion, questions, and general fellowship on these pages. Our moderation style is very laid back, though we do have a few rules. We like to think of ourselves as "PG-Rated", and while we encourage debate, we do frown on personal attacks and ask that things be kept civil.

At any rate, please make yourselves at home. Since 2007, we've been the forum for the people who get it done!
Christopher "Doc" Tarr CSRE, DRB, AMD, CBNE
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