Help with Studio lighting

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Help with Studio lighting

Post by RICHCAMERAMAN » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:59 am

Test results
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HI Guys

Not sure if this is the best place to post so apologies if its not ....

I'm a Cameraman, but more used to PSC and OB work , I'm currently producing some promos for a Satellite channel, although my work that goes out looks ok the studio output looks odd to me, the channel uses robotic cameras but I said I'd have a look into trying to fix it.
At first I thought it might be the cameras, but looking at them they all seem to match fairly well to my Sony after white balancing them properly...
The studio is lit with Studio Q Phosphor lights ... Looking into the lights I thought it was possible to dial in green and magenta, but I can't see how to do this at present ...
My thought was the picture looked a bit washed out , and almost heavily yellow so thought if this was possible it might solve it, however I can't find how to do this ...

I've done a test with a simple macbeth chart and 3 lights, Tungsten (Black Body), A Kinoflo and the studio lights and used a vectorscope and can see that there is a definite spike in the yellows as I thought, there is a drop in the reds and magentas with the phosphor ,
Id like to get the pictures looking better but not 100% how we solve this , I appreciate its down to the lighting but is it a simple case of dialling in the reds and magentas to increase the colour space.... or is it something more complicated than that ...
The picture looks almost hazy and dull (pastelly) this can be seen clearly in the colour chart.

Would buying a grey scale chart help for when Ido that or is it not really worth it.
Any help appreciated I don't like seeing pictures look crap .

Thanks guys would appreciate feedback and comments.
I've attached a city of the results. again have been compressed to a Pdf so not as visual as the original sadly ..

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Re: Help with Studio lighting

Post by dbuckley » Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:31 pm

Are the lights these?

There are several models of this fixture, some of which are fixed colour temperature, and some that have variable colour output. The variable models have a lot less light output than the fixed colour models. If you have a fixed colour output, then that colour is what you have. What I'd think you need to do (he says, not being a TV person at all, but a part time theatre lighting chap, so I may be spouting utter rubbish) is to set your camera white balance to match the lights. The colour match would, I'd have thought, be far closer to a fluorescent than tungsten source.

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