Spacing XDS units in a rack?

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Spacing XDS units in a rack?

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So I'm doing some cleaning up of our cluster here and I've got a bunch of XDS receivers that are pointing to AMC-8. So since we have AXIA, I want to put them all in the same rack. I looked in the XDS setup guide and they give clearance requirements about the sides and back, but nothing about above and below. Would I be able to stack them all right on top of each other, or should I leave a 1ru space between each box?

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Re: Spacing XDS units in a rack?

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Unless you have to put the units in a room without A/C, I don't see a problem. Have had them mounted that way in the past. Don't remember seeing any ventilation cut in either the top or bottom, so I assume the air goes from the back out the sides (or visa versa--I know the fan is in the back corner).

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Re: Spacing XDS units in a rack?

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I leave 1 RU between units but I don't know that it is necessary. If you do stack them they should be able to get plenty of air from the sides and an unobstructed air flow out the back of the rack. I have them in a set of racks without open air between the rack units rather than sides and I took the doors off of the back. In that configuration they barely get above ambient temperature so they aren't real pigs when it comes to heat.


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Re: Spacing XDS units in a rack?


I have seen them stacked tight, in warm environments and had fans fail in the rcvr. "They keep on truckin" like nothing is wrong. As long as you have air moving a little bit, they should be fine.


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Re: Spacing XDS units in a rack?

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If you have the space, leave an RU.
Air conditioning has been known to fail.
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