Armstrong X-Link Tip

Gotta watch those Fresnel zones!
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Armstrong X-Link Tip

Post by TPT » Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:57 pm

Had power company surge fry the power supply on the transmitter side of this pair. Something smells burnt.
Got a replacement supply from Armstrong, installed it, powered up briefly then shut down..

Oh no? More damage?

Nope--it's the fan. Seems that unless the fan runs, the power supply shuts down. When the supply died, the fan locked up (well, it was the original fan from 2009). That original fan is a Sunon KDE2408PTV1, which NewEgg sells. Unfortunately that's direct ship from Hong Kong. However, any 24 volt DC fan will work to turn the supply on. After 2 weeks I gave up on the Sunon fan & ordered a 24 volt Pabst fan from Mouser (their part number #: 5912-8414N/2h). The transmitter is ready to go back in service & I can get my older Armstrong loaner back.

Sooo...if you have an X-link transmitter go dead--fuse OK--try replacing the fan first.

This is the older style power supply, has a ribbon cable to another small board with a couple of 3 pin regulators that then feeds the rest of the unit. They apparently use a different supply in newer models.

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