Adapting a WOAFR touch screen for a lo-vision jock

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Joe Friday
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Adapting a WOAFR touch screen for a lo-vision jock

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I have a client with a jock who has only about 1% vision in one eye, and they are looking for a way to accommodate him so he can do tracking on their Wide Orbit system. They are utilizing HP/Compag L2206tm touch screen monitors.

We have made a plexiglass shield that hangs over the front of the monitor with cutouts over the areas of the touch screen need to do tracking, and this seems to be workable with the exception that when the plexiglass shield is removed, it disturbs the touch screen alignment. The fix is to power cycle the monitor, and so far, that has restored the touch screen to normal operation.

Management is looking for some sort of solution that does not disrupt normal operation of the monitor. We are using a U channel made of aluminum to hang the plexiglass shield over the touch screen, and have attached a ground from the aluminum channel to the chassis of the monitor with no effect on the problem.

Any thoughts would be welcome...Thanks in advance!


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Re: Adapting a WOAFR touch screen for a lo-vision jock

Post by tonybroom »

Hi Kevin,

Do they have the WOAFR Friendship Server option?

I wonder if a solution might to use a different machine using the remote voicetrack software. It's basically the old Scott Studios VT32 modified for remote tracking with WOAFR.

I believe you could set this up in a way so the space bar would be all he needs using the auto advance setting (I haven't tested this). The only headache here might be if a track needs rerecording.

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