Barix 500 Serial question

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Nathaniel Steele
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Barix 500 Serial question

Post by Nathaniel Steele » Tue May 15, 2018 12:22 pm

Trying to setup RDS with a pair of barix 500 units.

When I did this with my mosely starlink I had the luxury of testing both back to back on the bench and discovered that:

it only worked at 2400 baud
the starlink would cross over the serial connection on the other side
so I needed two straight thru serial cables to make it work.

The barix setup however is already in place and supplying audio to a transmitter, was setup prior to my taking over here at the company, and I have no documentation of password or anything. additionally the barix manual is seriously lacking in detail about the seriel port. for my RDS unit I can use nearly any baud rate, and the connection needs to be crossed over between the PC and the RDS unit.

SO, my questions are:
What does the Barix do to the seriel connection, does it cross over the connection internally? does it expect to get a crossed signal on the input side? do I need to cross it again at the output? is it transparent so it wouldn't matter?

Does it care what baud rate? do I have to configure it for a certain baud rate? does it have a default?

I'd like to avoid having to reset and reconfigure both ends of this setup which would mean down time which would mean most likely me having to do it at midnight......Though at some point I do need to have the configuration and passwords documented. The new guy will like that.....;)

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Re: Barix 500 Serial question

Post by awsherrill » Tue May 15, 2018 4:31 pm

Assuming you are running the STL firmware on the Barix, this might help: ... manual.pdf

Also there is a Yahoo group for Barix users which is frequently monitored by the developers. I found a conversation on there where another engineer was trying to get serial working, and one of the Barix guys dropped this tidbit:

to make the rs232 tunneling working, you need to set:
one side: send keep alive active (1sec or whatever)
the other side: set passive

Hope that helps...

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