Low Budget TV automation

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Low Budget TV automation

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Greetings. I've been asked to look for low budget TV Playout automation to replace our Current solution which is actually a digital signage product. Currently we are mostly a slideshow station with some church programs on the weekend.Think PEG channel but were not actually a PEG channel were privately owned by a local radio station. In the past (prior to my arrival) the station had more original content and we want to go back in that direction. WE have limited staff right now (one guy does the slides and uploads the church programs each week), so we need something simple. At some point they may want something for ad insertion (currently ads are just a slide). It would be nice if we could continue to do our slides, without having to render them to video clips.

I suggested a leightronix nexus HD (I worked with the leightronix in the past, at an ACTUAL PEG channel), but the near 10K pricetag was apparently too much (I told them that's cheap for TV).

a google searc pulls up a surprisingly large number of mostly non-US software I"ve never heard of before, all claiming to be the most advanced, highly integrated, efficient,rock solid 24/7, insert TV buzzword here, playout automation system ever designed, and most don't give a price without contacting them first.

I'm actually not opposed to buying from a non-US company, but I do need to know they'll be around next year, let alone 5-10 years down the road...

So does anyone here have a good recomendation?

I found this for around 1K USD http://www.elementseurope.com/. looks promising and I think someone on here posted about it.


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