KVM Suggestions

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KVM Suggestions

Post by NECRAT »

So I am starting the process of looking to get our in house KVM replaced. The current model we have has 64 "ports" and 12 user stations but is quite old.
So there are some graphics resolution issues with it, along with the other known potentials with older units.

Here is what I am looking for. It has to be able to handle very high resolution video. Being a TV station with about 12-14 graphics machines that use high resolution graphics cards, this is important. The ability to IP log into the unit would be nice.

Also my boss is insisting NOT Raritan for some reason, so.. not Raritan.

Because I know less than 0 about KVMs, any suggestions would be helpful.

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Re: KVM Suggestions

Post by PID_Stop »

Darn -- Raritan was going to be my first suggestion; we have four Dominion series units of various ages and sizes, up to a fairly new 64x4 unit.

You might take a look at Avocent -- I haven't used it, but have heard good feedback about their stuff. Their Matrix series is supposedly scalable, so you should be able to come up with a collection of gear that will accommodate your needs.


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Re: KVM Suggestions

Post by grich »

We're trying out an Aten Altusen setup. I don't know what the max resolution is. This model uses a dongle that plugs into the computer, and CAT5 cable to the KVM switch.

Nathaniel Steele
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Re: KVM Suggestions

Post by Nathaniel Steele »

Check out rose electronics, rose.com. High end stuff with the price to match but will do all you want and is not Raritan....

Can't comment on reliability since I've never been able to afford one.....

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Re: KVM Suggestions

Post by ChuckG »

I have been happy with the NTI stuff. I have several in service, some over 10 years old, still operating just fine.

Chuck Gennaro
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