NextKast Broadcast Version Released

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NextKast Broadcast Version Released

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Hello Group,

Just wanted to inform the group that over the last 2 years I have evolved Nextkast to now include a Broadcast Version. this version contains more features specifically needed by terrestrial broadcasters.

Some of the additional features above and beyond the Pro Version are:
BroadCast Version Features Added:
Priority Phone Support
Import Traffic Logs from Natural Log and Others to Merge
Three Activations For ONE station
Automated VTJob Import and Export with Talent Scheduling
Day Part Separation for Music Scheduling
Artist and Title Repeat Override Per Category
Sound Card Routing For Players/Studio/FX
Playlist and Rotation Rendering and Auto FTP Upload
Playlist macros to include break notes/Playing Hooks/Goto LineIn etc.
Imaging Categories can Rotate as sweepers
Ability to override play length of any file or stream
Sub-filtering of elements in rotation like Genre, Gender, Tempo, Features when creating rotations
ability to include a category into a playlist

This version is also open to new feature request as needed by broadcasters.

More information available on our website at

Thank you for your time.

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Re: NextKast Broadcast Version Released

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This post was approved by me. He asked me for permission prior to posting.

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