Using 2 Mini TriCasters to do live stream in studio and need some advice.

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Using 2 Mini TriCasters to do live stream in studio and need some advice.

Post by ingeborgdot » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:34 pm

I am planning on using 2 TriCaster Minis with AE to stream for basketball coming up. I am planning on having 1 mini in the gym up in the press box where I can hook up at this time, 4 cameras to. I will have a mixer that is hooked up to the play by play and also have a mic to it for crowd noise and pump that into the mini in the press box.

I will then have my other mini in my studio which is in a different part of the building and assign the 4 camera inputs to the mini in my studio. It works great as I have already tried it.

I am running an xlr cable to the gym to hook between my clear com system in my studio and a hub and interface from Eartec for my camera operators and for my director to talk to them and for other communication. This part is not completed yet but will be done soon.

Most of the above scenario has been tried and tested and seems to work just great.

Where my big predicament comes in on, is the next item. When we would stream our game we would also send video out of the mini and through an HDMI extender over Cat6 cable into the concession area so people could see the game as it was going on and not miss any of it.

The problem is that there is no way for me to get cat 6 directly to the concession area from my studio like I did when the mini was in the press box. It would have to go up to where my mini is in the press box and then into the same Cat 6 cable that we used last year to send the signal out to the concession area. The distance from the press box alone is 220'. It is well over 250' to the press box from my studio.

Can I use multiple HDMI to cat 6 extenders. What I'm saying is use an extender out of my studio and run it to the press box. Then take the HDMI and hook to the HDMI of the existing extender and send the signal that way. Has anyone had to do anything like this before?

I did try this though. I changed some settings and said that input 6 was Mix 1 of my mini in my studio. I then changed output A to be from input 6. I am not by my mini right now but think that is what I did. It seemed to work but I don't know if that is going to cause me other problems that I am not aware of.

I really would like to just use another HDMI extender if that is at all possible.

I hope I have not confused anyone and hope I have explained what I have done and what I am wanting to do.

Thanks for any help.

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