EZ Kleen Filters

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EZ Kleen Filters

Post by sallen » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:04 am

If you have an NX series transmitter from Nautel you most likely have one of these filters on the back of your transmitter. EZ Kleen says to clean these filters, shake off the dust and hose them off , then re coat with spray coat. Then the filter is ready for service. I'm curious how others clean their EZ Kleen filter.

You need hot water, I had a broken water heater at the transmitter for a while. During this time I would stop by a friends restaurant and use the triple sinks spray faucet to clean the filter. Now the hot water tank is fixed and I have a sink with a short hosed attached to the faucet ad a spray nozzle. If you don't have hot water at your transmitter site but a restaurant close by, stopping by the restaurant for some coffee or pie and asking to use the spray nozzle in the dish pit can be a nice break in the day.

I have two NX50 transmitter under my care so I have two filters to deal with. In my situation one station bought a spare filter so I have a filter to rotate in. The air for both transmitters is pre filtered.

I shake out dust, wash with hot water and spray with simple Green, then windex (no soak), Rinse again with hot water spray.
Dry for a day, re coat with Filter Coat wait at least an hour to dry/cure and install on transmitter. I do this every 3 months.

What is the preferred interval for cleaning.
How do you clean, do you use any cleaner when washing the filter, Simple Green, Dawn, Windex, other? Do you let it soak? Drying time?
Does the filter goo really get cleaned off?
Re Coating with Filter Coat. How many squirts.
Letting filter dry/cure after applying the Filter Coat spray. How long do you let it sit before re installing?
How many times can you wash and re coat before replacement.

I have resolved to use the EX Kleen with the NX series. Is there a satisfactory non metal filter that will work with the NX series (paper/fiber type filter).

How do you clean your EX Kleen

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Re: EZ Kleen Filters

Post by ChuckG » Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:35 pm

If those are the aluminum mesh filters, I put them in the trashcan and use either 3M Filtrete or Hog's hair cut-to-fit media, depending on the air velocity. Metal mesh sucked through a blower and into a power supply is something that won't happen twice.
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Re: EZ Kleen Filters

Post by TPT » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:44 am

Interesting. The NV-LT series uses conventional paper/fiberglass (?) filters. A little oddball--2" deep--not something carried by your local big box hardware supplier--but available through Amazon.
At least that is better than the Trane furnace at my transmitter site. Goes into a tray that is interlocked, has to be an exact, unusual size. Had to special order.

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Re: EZ Kleen Filters

Post by radio_guru » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:29 pm

I agree with canning the metal mesh filter.

I instead use a micro-fiber panel filter trade named Tri-Dek from a company named Tri-Dim. (tridim.com)

The MERV 8 poly mesh filter wedges in the opening for a snug tight fit allowing zero bypass leakage. Filters bought by the case of 25 are less than $4/filter. A case will last you 10 years in a clean building.

These are great filters as they can wet and not break down. They make a superb pre-filter media used in hoods and other areas exposed to moisture.

Absent that, they'll make for you custom 2" pleated filters to snuggly fit that back opening in just about any efficiency to MERV13. Which I don't suggest that high as the TX will starve for air. Stick with a MERV 8 class filter and not worry about it.


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