Harris DX-10

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Harris DX-10

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Please can someone advise why the DX-10 Harris is powering on and off? Is it related with one phase which might not be on the right value? Please advise.

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Re: Harris DX-10

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Your question is a bit vague. Any number of things could cause this.

More information, please.

To start with, is it shutting all the way off, muting but not going all the way down or drastically lowering power, then slowly coming back up. The transmitter can do all of those things. In most cases, the power-down should be accompanied by some kind of alarm light.

How long does the transmitter run before it powers off?

Does it come back on by itself? That would be unusual, as most everything that shuts that transmitter down turns it all the way off.

Are the low and high voltages as normal (or comparable to the test sheet that should be in the vicinity of the transmitter)?

When was the last time the transmitter was re-capped (meaning ALL of the blue electrolytics in there)?

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