Advice on refurbing an Optimod 9100

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Advice on refurbing an Optimod 9100

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I have an Optimod 9100 still doing main duty here that has developed the dirty pot syndrome. Just putting your finger on a control makes a nice scratchy sound on the air and levels jump all over by themselves. I figure if I am going to pull it and fix it, I might as well plan on replacing the 30 year old electrolytic caps and such as well. Not looking to hot rod it, just get it back into good shape. How deep should I go? Would it be prudent to recap the power supply as well? Any advice on this would be welcomed, especially if you have done this job before.

I have a loaner to use while it is on the bench. Nice that I can take my time and not have to rush.
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Re: Advice on refurbing an Optimod 9100

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If you're going to go in there, replace all of the electrolytics, especially in the power supply. If those go they'll take the who thing down. I have one on the bench right now which started screaming on-air when one power supply rail started oscillating due to a bad filter cap.

Also invest in some DeoxIT fader lube which will help get those controls back into shape.

If you don't have the manual you can find the docs on the Orban site.
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