Nautel NV10 FM transmitter

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Nautel NV10 FM transmitter

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Do you guys know how to setup an audio IP live streaming on Nautel NV10?
My boss asked me to make a procedure but I am not familiar with the unit.

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Re: Nautel NV10 FM transmitter

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Sorry for the delayed response - when I'm busy (seems to be more often than not, which I guess is good, considering), listservers get looked at last. :(

It's fairly intuitive if you've got access to the transmitter AUI (as well as the operations manual). There are a few things to be aware of... your stream needs to be either Shoutcast or IceCast and must be from a server, configured as public. You can't feed from an older Barix unity set to Shoutcast - they weren't configured in server mode. Not sure about newer codecs, haven't looked for a few years. Also, we only accommodate MP3, between 96-384kbps. Higher rates may work, but haven't been tested.

Essentially, you need to go into the audio player portion of the user interface, add the stream IP, including port number/stream name, as applicable and save it. At that point, you can load a preset, and under the Main Audio tab, select AES2 as the source, then, under the dropdown window that appears, select the stream name. Save the preset and you're done.

That's the very abbreviated process, at half-a-coffee-thirty, but should get you started.

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