LPB series III referb

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LPB series III referb

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I know someone who has a series III LPB and were wanting to know if it is cost effective to have it completely gone through or to buy another control board outright. Also where would be the best place to have it rebuilt if they went that route.


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Re: LPB series III referb

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I suppose it depends on the reason. Those boards are pretty durable and I had one I was going to install in a high school broadcast studio, but I came across an older Gates board that not only appeared in better condition but was equally as durable (if not better). You'll have to ask youself if it's worth your time to pull a refurb on it. At that age there's always the possibility of another component soiling the linen.

FYI: In case you don't have them I have the LPB docs for that board on my site.

Similarly, I ended up re-capping a Belar FMM-1 and while I was able to get it working I lost steam and never did the FMS-1 mate for it, but it does the purpose of a general off-air monitor.
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Re: LPB series III referb

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What kills most of those older consoles is bad switches and bad faders. Switches get intermittent, faders noisy. Both difficult to replace.

If these are OK, then a simple refurb would be to replace filter caps in the supply and bypass and coupling caps on the circuit boards. Easy enough to do if you can get at the boards, and you are used to working on printer circuit boards.

Shipping most consoles anywhere would not be worth the trouble because of the size and weight.

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